Business Travelers Leisure Time

The challenge I am solving?

I am reaching out to gather feedback from local companies to improve the experience of your foreign business guests (clients, partners, colleagues, speakers) during their stay in Bulgaria.

The primary issue I aim to address is that while HR or local teams usually organize excellent welcome lunches and dinners, there is still room for improvement in providing tailored experiences for your guests during their visit. I believe offering personalized and exciting activities in the city, before or after work hours, or even guided day tours on weekends, can greatly enhance their overall stay.

Why is this important?

Having lived in countries like the United States, Australia, Spain, and China for over ten years, I understand the value of a personal touch when introducing colleagues, clients, and friends to Bulgaria. Language barriers often exist, and most visitors have limited knowledge about our country. By offering customized experiences based on their personal interests, we can establish stronger business and personal relationships, fostering a lasting impression.

What is my experience?

I have been organizing custom tours since 2013. Notable highlights include arranging a day trip after an international conference, where guests joined me to pick roses in a private garden, hike to a cave, and enjoy a traditional lunch overlooking a beautiful dam in the Rhodope Mountains. Additionally, I have led US colleagues from Progress Software on a historical and architectural tour across the country, culminating in a delightful wine and dine gourmet evening at a boutique hotel in Veliko Tarnovo. Furthermore, I have facilitated team-building activities for a local IT firm, Motion Software, engaging in kayaking, paragliding, and other exhilarating sports. Finally, I have guided many foreigners interested in exploring off-the-beaten-track local cultural and natural phenomena.

How can you help me?

To conduct my research effectively, I kindly request a 30-minute online call or LIVE meeting. During this session, I will ask 5-6 questions related to the topic at hand. Please rest assured that all information shared will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and used exclusively for my own business research.

What is the benefit for you?

In return for your valuable time, I wish to extend an invitation to my launch event in the fall. As a token of my appreciation, you can partake in a free 2-hour “desserts lovers” tour with me, where we will explore the delectable side of our city.